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The episode opened with Langston and David finding the body of a college student in desert that appeared to have been bitten by something huge. Dr. Robbins found that the bite didn’t kill the student he had a brain injury.

Hodges figured out that there was a dinosaur show in town that had life size animatronic dinos. Langston and Hodges checked and found that the life size T-Rex had blood from the victim. Nick and David went to home of a man whose daughter had gone missing five years before. The man was dead of a gunshot to the head. The detective on the scene believed it was suicide. David and Nick found evidence right away that it was not suicide.

Langston and Hodges found that the T-Rex could not create enough force to puncture the victim as deep as he had been punctured. Dr. Robbins figured out the brain injury was most likely from some form of fall. Catherine interviewed the ex-wife of the dead man and she explained that she had divorced him after she caught him sleeping with a woman name Carly Beck who was the mother of the other girl that disappeared when her daughter did.

Henry figured out who the dead boy was named Brian Lister from a local college. Langston interviewed Brian’s girlfriend Janet Lewis and she said that they had gone to the show and then he had dropped her at her dorm and then he left. Langston found video of her kissing another guy at the show when Brian had gotten up.

Nick and Det. Reed went to Carly Becks house and found a picture on the floor of the body of a young girl. Nick confirmed it was that of Rachel, the missing girl of the dead man. Nick and David then found that Carly Beck was selling off anything she could to get cash. When they caught her in the park she started scream that it was her last chance to find her daughter’s body.

Langston found the boy that Janet Lewis was kissing and confirmed that he was in the same class as Brian and Janet. Langston explained they had evidence that all three of them had been on stage after hours at the show. They then explained that Brian wanted a picture with one of the dinosaurs and that when Janet was moving the head closer she accidentally knocked him off and he fell on the T-Rex and when he pushed himself off he hit the floor and died.

Using the information from Carly Beck, Nick and Brass figured out that one of the guards at the prison where Rachel and Whitney’s killer had tried to kill himself was using maps that the killer drew to blackmail Carly for cash. When the caught the guard he was burning the last map. David and Hodges figured out what the map was and Whitney’s body was finally found and Carly Beck had closure.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

Langston: The regular spacing, the curvilinear pattern is what you would expect from a bite mark.
David: A bite mark? From what?
Langston: Godzilla.

I bet you are wondering how a man with so many maps in front of him could be so lost.