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Tonight’s season premiere opened where we left off with Ray having been stabbed and heading to the emergency room. Nick went to the funeral for Officer Clark that was killed when he was shot.  While there Brass said the family would be more comfortable if he was not there. As he was leaving he noticed that a van was suspicious. He found there was a bomb.

Nick managed to prevent the attendants of the funeral from getting to close to the van bomb, saving lives. While Ray recovers in the hospital Catherine and the team begin looking into who created the bombs.  Catherine is worried about Nick who is not doing well after Officer Clark was killed in front of him.

At the bomb scene Nick meets the new bomb technician Kacey Monahan who showed him she knows a lot about bombs. With Kacey’s help they figured out that there were three explosive devices, two were designed to scare the attendants towards the third bomb that was the one designed to kill everyone. Kacey pointed out that only one-third of the last bomb actually detonated or more people would have died.

The team tracked down that the bomber appeared to be created by a teenage boy with the help of his younger brother. The team tracked down the older brother to a house where bomb supplies were. Nick and Kasey realized he had gone shopping and the police stopped him in front of the store. He tried to pull a gun, which resulted in him being shot and killed.

As Catherine thought that the case was over, her and Greg went to a crime scene where a homeless man’s body was found face down. When she realized the body was booby trapped, she yelled to Greg and Lou who managed to duck just as another bomb went off.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

Haskell: I want Ray to live a long time so he thinks of me every time he unzips his pants
Brass: Yeah, he will remember what a putz you are.

Brass: You know what this button does.
Ray: Morphine clouds my thinking.