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Tonight’s episode opened with a prowler sneaking into the house of Margot Wilton, a well known philanthropist.  The prowler sneaks up stairs, flips an award on the wall, slashes some pictures and then attacks Margot.

The team attempted to collect evidence at Margot house, but, they were unable to get any DNA, trace, or finger prints. Ray suggested they start with what they know and work back towards what is missing. While the team began piecing together information a woman named Carrie Jones was murdered in her car going through a car wash by the same person.

While following the information they had on Carrie, they found that Carrie had been attacked a few weeks before and the attacker had told her to confess. Carrie and Margot both had been honored by the city for charitable work they did. The team found a DVD of Carrie having an affair with another man, the team figured out this is what the killer had wanted her to confess.

Margot was released from hospital and insisted on going home without police protection. Once alone Margot went racing upstairs and opened a locked trunk to find it was unlocked and the items inside were missing. The prowler was right behind her and confronted her. As he chased her back through the house he told her to confess.

Margot attempted to shoot him but her gun had blanks. However the gunshots brought the police outside in and they kept her safe. The prowler had dropped her letters and the CSI Team read through them and found that she had actually killed her son years before by pushing him into the pool where he drowned. The prowler got away and Langston wondered who he really is.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Greg: After you.
Catherine: I don't do attics, I am dirty enough.

Catherine: Two picture's with carved out faces and an upside down award.
Langston: It's up to us to make it right side up.