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Jason McCann called to warn Nick that he was in danger just before Nick set off an explosive booby-trap in his yard. The police hauled Jason in for question because of his connection to a previous police bombing.

Evidence connecting Jason's guardian, Dr. Huxbee, to the attempt on Nick's life led Nick, Catherine, Detective Vartann, and a member of the bomb squad to an abandoned building. There Huxbee's body was discovered rigged to explode, along with a laser sensor bomb that trapped everyone in the warehouse. Detective Vartann was injured after he set off a booby-trap, and the bomb squad tech gave his life trying to defuse the bomb.

Nick used Jason's cell phone to locate him. A police road block was used to apprehend Jason and his accomplice. He was killed after he pulled a gun trying to kill Nick.

Ray Langston testified in trial against Nate Haskell for attempted murder. Nate Haskell was found guilty, but managed to escape from police custody.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

Nick: Hey, you got a big day in court today, don't you?
Ray: Yeah, Nate Haskell. Putting my game face on.
Nick: Well, I'd tell you to give him hell, but that's probably where he's going anyway.

Nick: If I don't go to the gym now I won't go at all.
Ray: You feel the need to leave Doc Robbins a good looking corpse.
Nick: Something like that.