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The episode opened with a woman waiting to see an attorney.  As the attorney finished a call a water delivery guy walked in, where he and the woman killed everyone in the office. 


The next day Nick and DB were called out for 3 skeletons. Initial review showed that the bodies had been in the woods for up to two weeks. However after identifying the bodies Nick found that the beetles that were cleaning the bones were engineered to be bigger eaters and had cleaned the bodies in 14 hours. 


The lawyer was the one Catherine had sent her friend Laura too, after the lawyer turned up dead, Catherine began to frantically try and find her friend Laura. When they could not find her, they presumed that Laura was dead, however a birthday card from Laura’s dead father with a memory card lead Catherine to find her. 


After she was stable and checked by a doctor, Agent McQuaid told Catherine they were moving her to a safe location. Just as Catherine figured out that one of the agents on the move team was a hit man they got the call from LVPD that the transport team had been found. The convoy had been hit and Laura and McQuaid had been killed and then the car burned. 


Catherine despondent about the situation and DB’s instructions to walk away resigned from CSI and went home where she was attacked by the hit squad but escaped out the front where DB picked her up just in time.

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CSI Season 12 Episode 11 Quotes

Morgan: We are talking about a 45 min window.
Sara: Russell said the hit was professional, clean up professional too.
Morgan: Who are these guys?

DB: Are you ok?
Catherine: I'll live.