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The episode opened with a young man (Wes) crashing a car into a billboard sign truck. Nick and Morgan happen to be close by and pull Wes out and find he has a gunshot to the head and abdomen. 


When Wes is unable to tell them anything, and all they have to find out what happen to Wes, and the other people who Wes said were bleeding to death Russell turns to the “blood-whisperer” Julie “Fin” Finley. 


Julie came in and using her talents with recreating blood splatter and tracking backwards the evidence of where blood came from Russell and the team found the crime scene where two women, Vicky and Elana were dead. 


Initially Elana’s brother Juan is a suspect, but again Julie proves that based on the blood evidence, Juan was one of the victims and in fact Wes had been the one to initiate the violence and Juan had shot him in self-defense after he beat Elena to death and Vicky happened to be in the wrong place when the gun went off.   

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CSI Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Julie: Think you're getting kind of forgetful. Must be all that "zen master - living in the moment stuff."
Russell: [smiles] Yeah.

Russell: Wish me luck.
Henry: Where you going?
Russell: We need a blood-whisperer.