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CSI Season Finale Pic
Watch CSI Season 10 Episode 23
"Meat Jekyll"
Original Air Date:

The entire CSI unit is in danger on this season finale. Not all of them will survive, thanks to their proximity to the Dr. Jekyll serial killer.

At Home with Langston
Watch CSI Season 10 Episode 22
"Doctor Who"
Original Air Date:

Langston is considered a suspect in the Dr. Jekyll murder investigation this week. Nick visits his boss at home, after this news gets out.

Catherine at Work
Watch CSI Season 10 Episode 21
"Lost & Found"
Original Air Date:

Tough work for Catherine this week: she must interrogate the mother of a family who disappeared off of a roadside in Las Vegas. A shooting also takes place at CSI headquarters.

Captin, Nick and Greg
Watch CSI Season 10 Episode 20
"Take My Life, Please!"
Original Air Date:

A comedian is found dead this week. As a result, Captain Brass, Nick and Greg look into the murder, which took place in Las Vegas.

Michael Kenneth Williams on CSI
Watch CSI Season 10 Episode 19
"World's End"
Original Air Date:

The team investigates a murder at Lindsey's school this week. The episode is titled "World's End."

Welcome Back!
Watch CSI Season 10 Episode 1
"Family Affair"
Original Air Date:

There's one piece of major news when CSI kicks off its 10th season: Sara is back!

CSI Season 10 Quotes

Nick Stokes: Open bottle of Vodka, a used glass. What do you think; one last drink?
Greg Sanders: One last laugh.

Dr. Robbins: A racist gets stabbed before he can drown. Some would call that justice.
Ray Langston: We still have to call it murder.