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Jeff calls in a friend from the paper to help him figure out what was on the disc he found in Nate's notebook. Skye learns that Segal didn't show up for his conference call with Steven Rae. 

Jeff and Skye pay a visit to Miriam's husband and he pulls a gun on them. They later see him kiss Detective Sakelik during Miriam's funeral. He is blown up inside his home by a band of the True Believers.

Jeff questions Skye's reasons for helping him and she reveals why she took the job as a researcher on Cult. 

Roger bumps into one of the True Believers.

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Cult Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

[to Kelly] You see how very alike we are? Both so clever in how we keep our darkest secrets.


[to Skye] It's starting to be a thing with us.