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Jeff and Susie announce that they are going to New York for three months to take Sammy to Juliard for the summer.  Upon hearing about an event that his friend Tessler's wants him to attend, Larry uses the New York excuse for himself, in order to get out of the event.  After bumping into Tessler a couple of more times, he continues to use the New York excuse until he ends up actually going to New York with Jeff and Susie.

Meanwhile, Susie's dog Oscar needs to be put down and she wants to get him a last meal.  She sends Jeff and Larry out for Pinkberry ice cream, but they eat it all on the way back to the vet.  Vance, a friend that is on a vow of silence, sees Jeff and Larry eating the Pinkberry, but can't tell Susie.  After Larry gets Vance extremely angry, he takes it out on LD by talking for the first time and tattling to Susie about the Pinkberry incident.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

You see what's going on here? She's doing a chat and cut.


You know what the best thing about going to New York is? I'm not gonna see your face for three months.