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-Bobby finds out he has a gastrointestinal tumor. He decides not to tell his family until after Christopher's wedding.

-Bobby wants to sell South Fork to a land conservatorship which will protect the ranch once he's gone. When he tells the family, John Ross announces that he's been drilling on South Fork land and has struck oil.

-Bobby is furious and insists he stop. Miss Ellie's will forbid drilling on South Fork. John Ross files an injunction to overturn the will on the grounds the Miss Ellie was incompetent.

-J.R. has been suffering from a deep depression but snaps out of it to help his son. J.R. decides South Fork is his birth right but John Ross want it for himself. Both men have been separately working behind the scenes with Del Sol Conservatory, the company in which Bobby plans to sell the ranch.

-Christopher plans to marry Rebecca but his previous love, Elena is dating John Ross. Elena says that she left after Christopher sent her an e-mail breaking up with her. Christopher says he never sent the e-mail. He thinks it was John Ross.

-Christopher goes through with the wedding to Rebecca as Elena stands up for them as a bridesmaid.

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I ain't a virgin but i ain't a whore either.


I've got family business to attend to before anybody knows I'm dying.