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-John Ross is arrested for the murder of Elena del Sol/Veronica Martinez.  Vicente took the video of him leaving her hotel room while she was still alive.

-Vicente has John Ross beaten in prison. Bobby considers pumping oil on Southfork to save his life.  Sue Ellen blackmails the coroner to make Marta's death look like a suicide.

-In the end Christopher offers Vicente the South American rights to his new alternative energy and buys John Ross' freedom.  The video shows up and John Ross is released.

-Christopher has a background check done on Rebecca and it's clean. Although they're talking he says he's not sure he can forgive her.

-Tommy returns and reminds Rebecca that they aren't really brother and sister. He want to use the twins to get even more money out of Christopher.

-John Ross comes back to Southfork and he and Elena reunite.  John Ross and Christopher mend fences understanding that they are both trying to make their father's proud.


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Dallas Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

This is my mess to clean up, not J.R.'s

John Ross

I have my son to lose and nothing is more important than that.

Sue Ellen