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-Rebecca confesses that her brother sent the e-mail to Elena that broke Elena and Christopher up. Christopher is furious and kicks both she and Tommy off the ranch.

-Bobby finds out J.R. bought Southfork. Despite the fraud with Marta, if Bobby can't prove J.R. was a part of it then J.R. will get to keep the ranch.

-John Ross confronts J.R. who tells him he may not own half of Southfork but he'll still teach him about the oil business. J.R. leaves Dallas and gives John Ross power of attorney to begin drilling on Southfork.

-Elena and John Ross get back together but he lies to her and promises he had nothing to do with J.R.'s scheme to steal back the ranch.

-In his search for proof that J.R. was involved, Christopher finds Marta's sex tape with John Ross. Their conversation proves that John Ross was in on the scam. Christopher tells John Ross to hand over proof of J.R.'s guilt or John Ross will end up in jail.

-Annie sees her sleazy ex-husband and asks him for a favor. He owns the tanker trucks that will transport the oil off of Southfork.  She asks him to cancel their contract. He agrees.

-Rebecca asks Annie to help her earn a second chance with Christopher.

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Make sure I never see you again.


He tried to pay me off. Said I had no integrity. Christopher and I are done.