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-The Governor, Harris Ryland, and Cliff Barnes meet to confirm their plans to take down the Ewings.


-When the bank won't extend the Ewing Energies loan, Barnes Global buys it. Cliff says they have 24 hours to repay the loan in full her he owns the company.


-John Ross tells Pamela her father was behind the rig explosion.  She doesn't believe him but later Cliff confirms that he can make the $1 billion fine go away and knows that Christopher's technology will make millions and isn't faulty.  Then he tells her the death of her babies is a blessing in disguise as they would have linked her to the Ewings forever.


-Heartbroken, Pamela goes to John Ross telling him her father will never love her as much as he hates the Ewings.


-Christopher decides to have his mother declared legally dead but investigators show Barnes Global has been moving money into a Swiss bank account for a Patricia Barrett. Patricia's handwriting matches that of Pamela Barnes.


-When Ann confronts Emma about her drug use, she deflects it back onto Sue Ellen saying she was drunk the night she saw Emma at the bar. 


-When Ann takes her pills, Emma goes to a ranch hand to buy more. Drew catches her and tells her he won't let her go down this road. He'll turn himself in and take her father down with him if she doesn't get clean.


-Sue Ellen hires Baum to find Ken Richards who has mysteriously disappeared. 

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

You never told the truth in your life. I'd be a fool to believe that you'd start know.


My father took down three senators, two governors, and a vice president and he taught me everything he knows. Your head's going to look real nice above my fireplace, Governor

John Ross