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-Christopher and Bobby collectively own 60% of Ewing Energies, leaving John Ross with 30% and Elena with 10%, both without any real power.  Christopher pushes his methane agenda while John Ross controls the oil.


-Christopher has the original Rebecca Sutter to testify in court to prove that his Rebecca was a fraud and the marriage should be annulled.  


-Rebecca comes forward and reveals herself as Pamela Rebecca Barnes, Cliff Barnes and Afton Cooper's daughter.  She'll use all of Barnes Global's power to keep custody of her children and gain part of Ewing Energies in a divorce, not an annulment. 


-John Ross wants to partner with Rebecca. He's still angry about Christopher stealing Elena. John Ross has found the original Rebecca Sutter and hopes to thwart Christopher's plans in court.


-Harris tells Annie he's found their 22 year old daughter, Emma who was abducted when she was 18 months old.  He'll hand over her whereabouts if Annie gives him the incriminating recording keeping him from going after Sue Ellen.


-Annie finally tells Bobby about her abducted daughter. She hands over the recording to Harris and she and Bobby find Emma who wants nothing to do with Annie. Annie is devastated.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Love is for pussies.

John Ross

You know how they say men make up for their manhood by buying fast cars? Well, that goes double for diamonds.

John Ross