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-Christopher and Pamela agree to end their marriage. He gets an annulment and joint custody. She gets 10% of Ewing Energies. Her Daddy is thrilled.


-Christopher figures out John Ross' plan to take Elena's part of Ewing Energies but it's too late to stop Drew from signing a guilty plea. Bobby pleads with Sue Ellen to change her mind and stop the feud.  When he tries to use the evidence that JR and John Ross were involved in the plot with Vicente to take Southfork he finds the JR has erased the evidence.


-Vicente is handed over to Venezuelan authorities. He pays to be released and he and his men head to Southfork where they take Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher, Elena, John Ross, and Pamela hostage. When Vicente threatens to kill Pamela, it's John Ross who jumps to her defense.


-Elena asks John Ross why he turned on her. He says the day she stopped seeing the good in him is the day it died.


-Pamela tells John Ross that the reason she's giving her shares of Ewing Energies to her Daddy is because it's the first time she's done anything to please him.


-The Ewings fight back against their captors when Vicente tries to take Elena with him to Venezuela along with the methane prototype. Drew sees what's happening and shoots Vicente.


-Emma visits Annie in jail. Later the jury sentences Ann to probation and she is released.


-Sue Ellen ignores Bobby's pleas and takes control of Elena's shares of Ewing Energy. Bobby promises a fight. 


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Dallas Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I shouldn't have to keep asking for something that's mine.

Sue Ellen

If you think you're getting tired of that just think how I feel.

John Ross