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-John Ross, Bobby, Sue Ellen, and Christopher identify J.R's body in Mexico. The authorities say he came there from Abu Dhabi and was killed in a senseless robbery. No one believes it.


-John Ross finds Emma Ryland popping pills at J.R.'s wake and takes one for himself. Later that night he and Emma have sex in the back of a car on Southfork.


-Sue Ellen gets drunk the night before J.R.'s funeral and reads a letter he left her. She reads it at his funeral. J.R. said she was the love of his life and he wanted a second chance. Would she have dinner with him when he got back. Sue Ellen says she would have said yes.


-Bobby rails at Annie. He's furious that she never told him about her daughter and her past. She's made him feel isolated and insignificant. 


-Baum shows up after the funeral with a package from J.R. He was in Abu Dhabi tracking down Pamela Barnes Ewing, Christopher's mother who left years ago. He tells Christopher he needs to read why it's important to find her. He gives John Ross and gun and a note. He believes Ryland and Cliff will team up to take down the Ewings and leaves it to John Ross and Bobby to stop them.


-Then he has a package for Bobby that Bobby doesn't share with the boys. He tells Baum to keep up the charade that J.R. was killed by a mugger until he says otherwise.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Tell your husband that he has not idea what he started.


Things with J.R. were hardly ever as they appears.