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-Roy Vickers admits to Pamela that Cliff knew she was on the methane rig just before Cliff has him killed in prison.


-Pamela gets her father to Mexico for a supposed casino deal. Back in Dallas, the bullets from J.R.'s body match Cliff Barnes' gun that J.R. left behind. Pamela leaves the gun in Cliff's car for the police to find. 


-In Mexico, Cliff is arrested for J.R.'s murder. He swears he's being set up.  Bobby gives him a chance to come clean about the methane rig and he'll help with the murder charge. Cliff refuses. 


-Cliff calls Elena to Mexico and shows her papers that prove that J.R. switched the deeds on her father's land, giving him worthless land and J.R. oil rich land that made millions. Cliff wants Elena to continue the feud.


-Elena visits a man named Joaquim at a well armed compound saying that she needs his help.


-Bobby reads J.R.'s letter to John Ross and Christopher.  J.R. was terminally ill and had days to live. He wanted to end the Barnes / Ewing feud. Believing if Cliff were in prison it would end, he had Baum shoot him and make it look as though Cliff had done it.


-With Christopher now owning a third of Barnes Global and John Ross and Pamela controlling another third, Cliff becomes the minority shareholder. The Ewings take control of both Barnes Global and Ewing Energies.


-Emma steals her father's journals with the evidence of his drug business and hands them over to the police. Harris is arrested. 

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

I'm glad Drew is gone and Roy is dead. Now they can't hurt you.


Have other children. Forget your father. There was nothing unintentional about it.