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-Drew confesses all to Elena, leaves a note and runs. Elena goes to the Ewings but Drew is already gone.


-Roy Vickers is arrested but without Drew's testimony, the charges are dropped and he disappears. Drew calls Elena for money so he can hunt down Roy. Elena and Carmen deliver the money but do not tell the Ewings. Christopher grows suspicious.


-Emma confronts her father when she realizes he set up Drew. Harris tells her it's all her fault. He feeds her more pills and makes her swear to move back in. 


-On the way home, Emma causes and accident and is arrested for DUI. Ann refuses to bail her out until she agrees to go to rehab.


-John Ross shares J.R.'s master plan with Pamela but doubts her loyalty when she demands one third of Barnes Global from her father. Surprisingly, Cliff gives it to her.


-When John Ross confronts Pamela with his doubts, she swears her loyalty. He tells her actions speak louder than words and the two get married.


-When Sue Ellen can't find funding in time, Cliff Barnes takes over Ewing Energies but Bobby smiles. It's all part of J.R.'s master plan.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Eminent Domain. Who said that Latin was a dead language?


Cliff: I appreciate what he did with TESHA.
Harris: Not to mention running that pipeline up the Ewing's ass for you.