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-Elena makes a deal to buy four offshore oil rigs cheap and convert them to drill for methane gas.  The deal is a big win for Ewing Energies and Bobby and Christopher offer her a piece of their shares. John Ross offers to put in his shares and make her an equal partner in the company.


-John Ross tells JR he plans to steal back Elena's shares for himself through the loan she took out from Sue Ellen. 


-John Ross partners with Rebecca and pays off the original Rebecca Sutter to lie in court, blocking Christopher's annulment.


-When Rebecca steps over Frank's authority at Barnes Global, he sends Christopher a voicemail of her threatening Tommy and of the original Rebecca admitting she was part of the scheme. He finds the original Rebecca Sutter and threatens to arrest her if she doesn't recant her testimony. 


-JR blackmails the DA to keep Sue Ellen out of jail.


-Bobby finds Emma. Harris and his mother kidnapped the girl and kept her from Anne all of these years. Then they fed her lies so that Emma wants nothing to do with Annie.


-Fearing that Annie is too fragile to hear the truth, Bobby keeps it from her.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Makes you want to punch something, doesn't it.


Me and the old man are going to go over there to kick some ass and take some names.

John Ross