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John Ross calls in his private security and they take down the cartel. Everyone gets hauled off to prison except Nicolas who heads back to Dallas to tell the CIA everything he knows about the cartel. The head of the Mendez-Ochoa cartel swears vengeance on Nicolas loved ones and the Ewings.

Bobby and Ann reconcile but not before Tracy visits to cry on Bobby's shoulder and make Ann jealous.

John Ross goes to make up with Pamela only to find her in bed with Nasir. She's getting the money to buy the shares of Ewing Global back from the Treasury Dept. which now holds them after the take down of the cartel. John Ross is furrows.

Bobby and Sue Ellen use their pull with Treasury to get their hands on the shares before Pamela can. They cut out both Pamela and John Ross. Pamela says the war between the Ewings and the Barnes is back on.

Realizing that Emma was most likely raped but won't talk about it, Judith gives John Ross back the soiled dress and incriminating photos from her brothel. Then she asks if he would reach out to Emma as well as give her intel on Harris' dealings with the CIA.

John Ross is honest with Emma and tells her he went to Mexico as much for business as to save her. She returns the favor by giving him a file with information her father was going to use to blackmail JR. John Ross then gives Judith the incriminating recording Harris was going to use against her. 

John Ross partner with Judith as she becomes the new Railroad Commissioner and has control over all the ports that Bobby and Sue Ellen will need to do business in the future. 

After reading the files from Emma, John Ross asks Bum to find his sister.

Elena shoots Nicolas when she realizes he killed her brother but he escapes. Later, Nicolas has Luis and the head of the cartel killed in prison as he takes power. He plans to return for Elena.

Elena realizes that she's pregnant. When she leaves a gas station bathroom to meet Christopher back in his car, the car explodes with Christopher inside.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Luckily John Ross' heart is too small for a bullet to find it.


No gun toting terrorist has ever gotten the best of a Ewing yet. It's not going to start today.