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Bobby holds the drill and the cartel's drugs make it over the border, with CIA trackers inside. But when Bobby asks for Emma to be returned, Luis sends Ann instead.

When Emma tries to escape, it appears that Luis rapes her.

Christopher finds Elena with the help of the US Marshals and Nicholas is taken into custody. He offers to lead them to the head of the cartel in exchange for immunity. The CIA can't follow Nicolas when the cartel uses five different vans to through off their trackers.

Baum breaks the encryption on Harris' thumb drive and finds a list of high level private contractors, most ex-special forces. John Ross hires one to help him find and free Emma.

John Ross outs Harris' CIA deal to Judith. Then he travels to Mexico and gets Luis to free Emma in exchange for himself and a deal to sell all of Ewing Global out from under Nicolas.

The head of the cartel brings Nicolas and Luis together. He tells Nicolas he'll believe they are all working together if he kills John Ross. Nicolas holds a gun on John Ross while Luis hold a gun on him. 


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Dallas Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

You're a loose end. You said it yourself the cartel kills loose ends.

Elena (to Nicolas)

There's no bridges left. I burned them all.