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Elena confronts the Ewings with JR's letter. She wants restitution in the form of money, a piece of Ewing land, and Cliff Barnes release from prison. Bobby agrees. 

Elena asks for the land that Digger swore Jock stole from him that started the Ewing / Barnes feud. She gives it to Pamela along with Cliff's pardon. It's up to Pamela to choose to use it. 

John Ross finds out that Nicholas sent Pamela the video. He storms over and tells Nicolas that Elena slept with him to get the letter. Nicholas and Elena decide to leave Dallas.

Christopher figures out that Nicholas' real name is Joaquim and pushes Bobby to find more answers. 

Sue Ellen finds out that Baum actually killed JR. Harris knows Emma has contacted the cartel. He comes clean with her about his involvement with the CIA. 

Sue Ellen and Anne are both furious with Bobby for his lies and manipulations to protect the family.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You're the one who tossed her out with the trash. Maybe we should thank you for turning her into such a spiteful bitch.

John Ross

He got us to write his ending The ending where JR Ewing isn't a monster.