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John Ross fires Candace. Harris shows Emma the photos  of John Ross and the teenaged hooker but Emma figures out it's a scam. She gets the incriminating dress from Candace but keeps it for herself.

Bobby and Ann get Sue Ellen released from the hospital but she must follow through with treatment and she has to stay at Southfork. 

Drew comes back to Dallas and Christopher almost beats him to death but lets him go. He later calls the Sheriff to have them find Drew. Drew finds the paperwork that show's J.R. switched their father's land for a worthless plot. He tells Elena he'll have vengeance and then he runs out.

Christopher and Heather get serious but Bo makes it clear he wants his wife back.

John Ross makes a deal with one of JR's old business partners to buy up the shares of Ewing Global once they go public. Bobby brings in his own man, Calvin to facilitate the venture but expects John Ross to try and find dirt on him. 

Elena chooses not to use the video of John Ross and Emma but Nicolas goes behind her back and emails it to Pamela.

Nicolas is in bed with the Mexican cartel who plan to secretly buy up the shares of Ewing Global once it goes public in order to launder their money. If the plan doesn't work, they threaten to kill Nicolas' children.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

If I have to live with this pain, so do you.


Are you deluded enough into thinking that he's going to leave his wife for you or are you just content in being his little piece on the side.