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When John Ross loses out on fracking on Southfork, he decides to try and take Ewing Global public to raise the funds for the Arctic drilling leases. Sue Ellen and Pamela agree to vote with him. Trevino agrees to vote with him but plans to try and steal the company once it goes public.

Candace tries to seduce John Ross at the office. He turns her away but Sue Ellen sees Candace coming out of John Ross' office partially undressed and gets the wrong idea. She decides to vote against John Ross instead.

When John Ross explains what happened with Candace, a drunk Sue Ellen calls him a liar and tells him he's just like his father. John Ross pulls strings to have a drunken Sue Ellen committed. Once he has her power of attorney, he plans to use her votes to take the company public.

Christopher and Heather get closer as Chris spends more time with her son.

Elena warns Nicolas that the Ewings are looking into his past.

Elena gets video proof that John Ross is having an affair with Emma.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I may be drunk on power but you, you're just drunk.

John Ross

You would cheat on your wife and start a war within this family just to get your deal done, wouldn't you. You're trying so hard to fill JR's shoes. You've become drunk on power.

Sue Ellen