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Emma and John Ross continue their affair. Emma even buys the same lingerie as Pamela to mess with John Ross' head.

Sue Ellen shares her suspicions about John Ross and Emma with Annie. Anne tries to convince Emma to stay away from John Ross and be careful because of the cartel threat but Emma throws a tantrum and stalks off. Annie asks Harris to try and help rein her in.

Baum feels guilty and tells Sue Ellen that he lied and that John Ross and Emma are having an affair. 

Bobby stops John Ross from franking on South Fork by claiming they have endangered Lesser Prairie chickens on the property. The Sierra Club blocks the franking permits in order to investigate.

Nicolas finds Rhonda, who witnessed Cliff at the bar with J.R. He tries to buy the truth from her but she calls Bobby who confronts Nicolas. Elena tries to get security video from the shooting range where Cliff claims his gun was stolen but finds it missing.

Nicolas encourage Elena not to give up, then tells her how much he's always cared for her and the two make love.

Christopher heads to Mexico and finds out that Nicolas has a shady past. Then he's abducted and brought to the Trevino compound where he meets Nicolas' wife and sons.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You can either get your men and hop on board my train or you can get run over.

John Ross

I learned the hard way that cheaters are almost always liars too.

Sue Ellen