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John Ross tries to pay off the seismic expert to make sure new test results go his way but Harold confesses the attempted bribe to Bobby. In the end it doesn't matter. The tests prove that John Ross has the rights to frak.

Harris Ryland goes home and threatens to lock up Emma. Emma retaliates but getting her grandmother released. Judith makes a new deal with the cartel and enjoys their cocaine. The cartel warns the one more problem and they are all dead, including Emma.

At the Ewing BBQ Elena steals Bobby's hard drive to try and prove he set up Cliff. Nicholas meets with Carmen who tells him not to drag her children to the dark side. 

Sue Ellen asks Baum to tail John Ross because she suspects he's cheating on his new wife and wants to stop him. Baum takes photos of John Ross and Emma but gives them to John Ross instead of Emma. He warns John Ross to follow in his father's greatness, not his weakness. 

Bobby and Ann are abducted and told that Harris Ryland is working undercover for the CIA.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Oh I think we're past that innocent little girl bullshit don't you?


I spent 40 years being cheated on. I'm pretty good picking up the signals.

Sue Ellen