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Ewing Global goes public and the cartel has Hunter McKay buy all of the shares. Christopher figures out that Nicolas is working for the cartel. When he combines the 3% of Ewing Global he got from Cliff with Hunter's 48%, it gives them controlling interest in the company.

John Ross and Christopher confront Hunter about his deal with the cartel. Later, Hunter is found dead by hanging. Was it suicide or was he killed. Christopher desperately tries to contact Elena but Nicolas has her phone and is listening to all of her voicemails.

Judith tries to back out of the deal that Emma made with the cartel. In response, they kidnap Emma and Ann. 

Pamela visits Cliff in prison. She gives him the deed to the land Jock stole from Digger decades ago, then she leaves, leaving him in prison.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

When I'm free nothing will stand in the way of me getting the revenge that I deserve.


There is good in the worst of us but there's also bad in the best of us.

John Ross