Dallas returns on TNT with all of our favorite characters plus some new ones to spice things up even more. You won't want to miss a minute. Watch Dallas online now at TV Fanatic.

Stopping John Ross
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

Bobby and Sue Ellen use their newfound pull with the governor to stop John Ross from fracking Southfork on Dallas.

Another South Fork Wedding
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 4
"Lifting the Veil"
Original Air Date:

John Ross ends up missing on the day of his wedding even as familar faces arrive at South Fork on Dallas.

They Look So Happy
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 3
"Playing Chicken"
Original Air Date:

Bobby attempts to outmaneuver John Ross to stop fracking on South Fork. Christopher makes a shocking discovery about Nicholas on Dallas.

Unearned Trust
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 2
"Trust Me"
Original Air Date:

Clashes over the future of South Fork, a Ewing bbq, and a surprising return shakes things up on Dallas.

A Family Alliance
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 1
"The Return"
Original Air Date:

Dallas season 3 premieres as Cliff Barnes uses a new ally to exact his revenge against the Ewings.

Mourning J.R.
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 15
Original Air Date:

On the conclusion of the Dallas season 2 finale, J.R.'s master plan is finally revealed and the truth about his death leads to surprising new alliances and enemies.

John Ross & Pamela Investigate
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 14
"Guilt By Association"
Original Air Date:

John Ross and Pamela uncover some surprising information and Bobby must share more of J.R.'s master plan with the family on the first of the two part Dallas season finale.

Trusting Pamela
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 13
"Love and Family"
Original Air Date:

Pamela appears to be loyal to John Ross but can she be trusted with J.R.'s master plan? Elena must choose between love and family when Drew divulges a dark secret on Dallas.

Cliff & Pamela Talk
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 12
"A Call to Arms"
Original Air Date:

With Ewing Energies on the verge of collapse, the Ewings battle back using J.R.'s master plan but can Christopher and John Ross turn Pamela against her father on this episode of Dallas?

The Ewing Bond
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 11
"Let Me In"
Original Air Date:

The conspiracy to blame Christopher for the explosion comes to light but will it still manage to take down Ewing Energies? Meanwhile, John Ross and Pamela grow closer while Harris targets Drew on Dallas.

Watch Dallas online as TNT brings back the iconic series with original cast members and fan favorites. Larry Hagman is back as J.R. Ewing, Patrick Duffy as Bobby and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen. There's also a grown up John Ross and Christopher and let's not leave out Cliff Barnes. This time out Bobby and J.R. are still fussing and feuding over the state of Ewing Oil, now Ewing Energies and later, Ewing Global as the search for the latest energy sources proves that the power just isn't in oil any longer. Sue Ellen makes a bid for governor and she and J.R. continue to dance around one another. John Ross dates Christopher's old flame Elena Ramos as Christopher is about to marry Rebecca, only to find out she's keeping a dangerous secret. When Christopher decides to go ahead with the marriage, the long term consequences turn deadly. Many other original cast members and familiar characters come to visit Southfork as the new series continues years after the original series left off. And when there are Ewings and Barnes involved, you won't want to miss a minute of the drama. You can watch Dallas online right here at TV Fanatic.

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I ain't a virgin but i ain't a whore either.


I've got family business to attend to before anybody knows I'm dying.