Lives are on the line. Who will live and who will die? To find out watch Dallas Season 3 online to see John Ross Ewing III marry Pamela Barnes and a Mexican drug cartel kidnaps Ann and Emma!

In His Corner
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 15
"Brave New World"
Original Air Date:

As the third season concludes, things come to a head with Nicolas and the cartel, John Ross makes an unlikely alliance and one member of the Ewing family ends up dead on Dallas.

Dallas Season 3 Cast Photo
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 14
"End Game"
Original Air Date:

Christopher tracks down Elena, the cartel double crosses Bobby and John Ross takes matters into his own hands on Dallas.

Lives In Danger - Dallas
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 13
"Boxed In"
Original Air Date:

In the wake of a kidnapping, Bobby tries to save a life. Christopher worries for Elena's safety and John Ross and Pamela come to a tentative agreement on Dallas.

Fighting For Control - Dallas
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 12
"Victims of Love"
Original Air Date:

Everyone races to claim ownership as Ewing Global goes public, the Ryland's partnership with the cartel turns deadly and Pamela comes face to face with her father on Dallas.

Relationships Change - Dallas
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

Elena has an all out showdown when she confronts the Ewings and a new battle emerges when Nicolas' schemes to steal Ewing Global on Dallas

Elena Seeks Justice - Dallas
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 10
"Dead Reckoning"
Original Air Date:

Elena takes drastic measures, John Ross works for redemption and Southfork gets news of a death in the family on Dallas.

Fire at Southfork - Dallas
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 9
"Denial, Anger, Acceptance"
Original Air Date:

Relationships are changed forever after the fire at Southfork and John Ross deals with the aftermath of Pamela's overdose on Dallas.

The Truth Comes Out
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 8
"Where There's Smoke"
Original Air Date:

When the truth comes out about Emma and John Ross, the consequences are more twisted than anyone expected on the Dallas winter finale.

Maintaining Control
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 7
"Like a Bad Penny"
Original Air Date:

John Ross looks to an old partner of J.R.'s to help gain control at Ewing Global while Elena's brother Drew returns to Dallas.

Ladies Night
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 6
"Like Father, Like Son"
Original Air Date:

John Ross scrambles to save his lease deal but may end up hurting those who love him to do it, on Dallas.

Stopping John Ross
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

Bobby and Sue Ellen use their newfound pull with the governor to stop John Ross from fracking Southfork on Dallas.

Another South Fork Wedding
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 4
"Lifting the Veil"
Original Air Date:

John Ross ends up missing on the day of his wedding even as familar faces arrive at South Fork on Dallas.

They Look So Happy
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 3
"Playing Chicken"
Original Air Date:

Bobby attempts to outmaneuver John Ross to stop fracking on South Fork. Christopher makes a shocking discovery about Nicholas on Dallas.

Unearned Trust
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 2
"Trust Me"
Original Air Date:

Clashes over the future of South Fork, a Ewing bbq, and a surprising return shakes things up on Dallas.

A Family Alliance
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 1
"The Return"
Original Air Date:

Dallas season 3 premieres as Cliff Barnes uses a new ally to exact his revenge against the Ewings.

Watch Dallas Season 3 online as J.R's son marries Cliff Barnes daughter. Will it be wedded bliss or will disaster ensue as John Ross has an affair with Bobby's stepdaughter Emma Ryland while they're all living under one roof at Southfork! Meanwhile Elena Ramos move forward with her plan to get revenge against all of the Ewings after finding out that decades ago, J.R. swindled her father out of his own oil rich land and left him with nothing but a pile of dirt. But when Elena gets involved with childhood friends Nicolas Trevino, she doesn't realize that she has also gotten into bed with the Mexican cartel. As things fall apart, Ann Ewing and her daughter Emma are both kidnapped. Can Bobby and Harris Ryland get them back or will a new alliance that John Ross makes get them back to Southfork? And when one member of the Ewing family dies a violent death, will anyone or anything at Southfork ever be the same? Who will survive and who will be left to live with the guilt? You'll have to watch Dallas season 3 online here at TV Fanatic to find out.

Dallas Season 3 Quotes

I like a challenge, especially one that looks like her.

John Ross

So I'm the care taker now, huh Momma. I'm the only one left.