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As always, there were many developments this week on Damages. We'll do our best to cover them below...

- The Tobin family has money, and Joe Tobin wants it. The alcoholic - we see him ask his sponsor for advice - is having trouble deciding if he should go to Patty Hewes with everything or if he should take care of his family. The character chooses family and tells his dad to set up whatever is necessary to get the Tobin money out there into an account Joe can dole out to family members. But Joe doesn't wanna know any details about it.

- Through keen investigating, Tom tracks down the homeless guy who answered Patty's cell call last week. He is led to a dumpster (the one in which his body is found six months later) where the homeless guy often finds stuff, such as a pair of boots Tom recognizes as belonging to Lou Tobin. Tom tracks down the store they are from and finds out that Lou bought a lot of clothing for someone with the initials "DMM."

After asking Ellen to help at the DA office, Tom discovers that "DMM" stands for a woman named Michele. Lou was having an affair with her and is now hiding her at his daughter's old home. When Joe finds this out, he falls off the wagon and drunkenly confronts Michele. Joe eventually leaves the residence, and actually backs over this woman on his way out. A bit of a stretch, but also a major problem now for Joe.

- There's more Tom news to share: he's broke! Tom learns that the investment company he had all his money in (and convinced his family to also invest in) was connected to Tobin and now all the money is gone. Tom confides this to his wife and to Ellen, but not to Patty.

- Patty has issues of her own, as she and Phil continue to argue over their divorce and who gets what. At one point, these two seem to get along well as they bond over their shared dog... but then Phil suggests the couple get back together, Patty totally shoots him down and he leaves in a huff. Interesting.


The main pieces of news this week's flash forward shed light on were:

Tom's body may have been found in a dumpster, but he died by drowning. The episode concludes on a shot of Ellen looking into the water, implying she had something to do with his death. We highly doubt this will prove to be the case. Earlier, in another flash forward, Ellen goes up Tom's grieving wife and asks if anyone else knew about she and Tom.

Again, an affair is implied. But we'd wager heavily against one actually having taken place. Consider these prime examples of red herrings.

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