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In Chile, there is an exorcism. The exorcist is called back to the Vatican. The old priests are scared to death some other old priest says.

Amani wants Damien to go to Kelly's funeral. Damien isn't too keen on the idea, and his reasoning is sound.

Everyone seems to know Damien is here. By "he," I assume they're all saying the antichrist. They have one of the 7 daggers of megito. "Strike where the heart should be," isn't exactly comforting. They use the "if you could have killed Hitler before he unleashed all the horrors on the world" crap, which I've decided I don't like.

Father drops dead in the confessional, clutching his glass prescription bottle.

Ann Rutledge is at Kelly's funeral where Damien gets sick and vomits.

Ann has also bought Damien's entire library of photos and oh by the way, his contract is over. Hmmm.

Damien tells a priest at Kelly's after party that God is a sadistic prick. Of course, it's after a discussion about what happened to Kelly, being a great, caring person being swallowed up by the street. God's plan?

A little girl with one eye sewn shut seems to be following Damien around, writing 666 in moist windows and playing in abandoned parking lots.

With her is a dude in a hoodie.

While Damien is tussling with Hoodie, a cabbie is driving by. He has a crucifix in his car, sees a rottweiler and swerves to crash into hoodie. Oh! Hoodie one of the 7 daggers. I didn't remember him being such a bum.

Amani and Simone find Kelly's notes on Damien. They thought, at first, she was working on a religious story. Nope!

The cop thinks it's pretty weird Damien wasn't hurt in not one, but two accidents. Up pops Ann Rutledge, council. Weird things just happen to Damien. Gotsta get him home!

Ann shares the true circumstances of Damien's birth with the boy.

Ann has one of the 7 daggers in her photography room full of disturbing "art."

Downstairs? All of Damien's stuff, including the bike he rode around in The Omen. This seems to clue Damien into who she is, but it doesn't clue me in to who she is at all. She says Welcome Home Damien as if it means something.

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