Running Afoul of Black Legion - Damnation
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A man and his wife are watching their boys play baseball. Tanner sends his wife into the shed for cream sodas. She says they can't afford that treat, but in she goes, and there they are, right in front of the Black Legion robes. They're living the American dream.

Amelia and Seth are talking about the strikebreaker, and she's fishing for information about the guy. Seth still isn't talking.

Creeley wonders what's going on around the country, and Bessie says with all the strikes going on, maybe the girls should join together and organize the whorehouse.

Creeley bought her a yellow dress. He doesn't react to her sarcastic comment and wants her to put it on.

After she puts in on, they have sex, momentarily getting uncomfortable when they look into each other's eyes. The woman who runs the house is peering in through a peephole.

Someone's house is going up for auction, and Seth is hoping she'll be allowed to keep her family bible. Playing hardball, the bank refuses.

The Sheriff is talking about his life and capabilities to his dog.

At the auction, Amelia wonders if Sullivan will be reporting on what's happening. He doesn't get points for showing up.

Pushing the envelope, the auctioneer opens the bidding with the family bible. While Seth and Amelia pull their money, they can't match the hidden bank men. Then Creeley steps in on behalf of Mrs. Collingsworth's friends at Holden Savings and Trust with two crisp 20 dollar bills and presents her with her family bible.

After his little show, Creeley is told he was bidding against their own man.

Connie is teaching her new spawn to be a young lady. She says if she disrupts the world order, the world will go after her, just like it did her father and friends. Is that a threat?

She does have a great threat, though, that I like to think I've lived by.

Amelia finally confronts Seth with the photo she has seen thanks to Creeley. She also wants answers. He doesn't seem interested in providing them.

Now that they know what to expect of the auctions, Seth and Amelia head over to the Riley place to pack up her personal items.

Eggers latest letter wants to employ Creeley only if Tuck doesn't manage to easily buy up the auctions on "their" behalf. Creeley doesn't know or care who "they" are.

While filling up their car with gas, the Black Legion comes upon Creeley and Bessie. Bessie steps on the gas and takes off, but Creeley is spirited away by the charming group.

Connie and dear child spend a lot of time in restaurants. Connie divides the world into bad men who are keeping good men from working to feed their families. Dear Child wonders if her daddy was a good man. She thinks so because he was good to her. She starts to cry because she misses him. That annoys Connie.

Seth visits Sam Riley Jr., who is being abused in jail when the sheriff is gone.

Bessie gets back to the whorehouse with the car but without her "tumbleweed." She's a bit freaked out.

She takes a swig of booze and tells herself he's just another john. I don't think so!

Creeley is struggling to stand up on his tippy toes while Tanner questions him about his preference for riding around town with negroid whores.

Tanner equates Bessie with a heifer and Creeley rebounds with tried and true Marxist policies.

Yes, she's been spying on the cowboy, but she's not going to continue. Maybe the Sheriff should help him stop the strikes. Why does Donald always make the wrong choices, including choosing his miserable bitch of a sister over the woman he really loved?

Amelia and Seth have different visions about what to do about the present situation they face in Holden. Seth thinks they may have to contact her family, a unit about which he's making assumptions based on her demeanor, clothing style, and carriage.

Amelia suggests fixing the auction prices, and Seth says he has one way to change Calvin Rumple's mind.

Everyone meets at the church and then goes to the Riley farm. They're doing arts and crafts with cigar cases, putting weapons into their newly created "bibles."

Bessie is on the road searching for Creeley.

Creeley goes to her father's house for help. It's time for him to decide whether he's going to be her father or the sheriff.

The Sheriff finds Creeley and starts a chat, messing with him, wanting more information, even considering killing him. But after letting him hang, he shoots Creeley down.

When Mrs. Riley opens the auction with one penny, knives at the back of all other auction participants keep the bidders silent. She wins her farm back for a penny.

Seth begins talking about Amelia. She was the first bit of goodness in his life and is rotting in the ground because of that strikebreaker. Everything he is doing is to right that wrong.


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Damnation Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Bessie: So who am I pretendin' to be right now?
Creeley: A respectable woman. How's it feel?
Bessie: Unfamiliar.
Creeley: Then don't get used to it.

If this isn't the American dream, I don't know what is.