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On the reunion of Dance Moms, the moms verbally fire at Abby. Holly lays into Abby about how she treats the other girls in comparison to Maddie. She tears the other girls down just to lift Maddie up. Christi jumps in with her own issues with Abby. She's tired of feeling like Abby waits for Chloe to fail.

Melissa has to defend herself against the mom's accusations that she always looks out of herself first, regardless of who she might hurt in the process. 

Later, the new Select Ensemble dance moms gets in on the action. They are still upset with Abby's decision to cut them from the ALDC. They also don't understand why the Elite competition moms weren't more accepting of them. 

Former Select Ensemble dance mom, Jeanette, arrives to give Abby a piece of her mind regarding how her daughter Ava was treated. She arrives on the scene in a fit of anger, but doesn't stay long. She quickly spouts off her issues with Abby before walking off set. 

Then, Cathy shows up to explain why she used Sia's "Chandelier" for the Candy Apples' Nationals performance. There was no ill will toward Maddie; she just wanted to create a more avant-garde and cutting edge rendition of the song. 

And finally, Abby announces her new studio, ALDC: LA. 

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