On Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 33, the moms sit down to confront Abby about all of the issues they have with her. Discover what happens by watching Dance Moms online!

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When you watch Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 33 online, you will find out exactly how the moms feel about Abby. Christi is fed up with how Abby treats Chloe; Holly can't stand the way Abby plays favorites. The moms aren't too happy with how Melissa handled Nationals. The new team moms are still upset with Abby kicking them out of the ALDC. And Abby...she has a huge announcement for everyone.

Episode Details

On the Dance Moms reunion, the moms from both teams accuse of Abby of various wrongdoings; the Elite Competition moms confront Cathy about using "Chandelier" at Nationals; Abby makes a big announcement.

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Dance Moms
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