Rumer and Val: Salsa - Dancing With the Stars Season 20 Episode 3
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It’s Disney Night, and it’s also the halfway point in the competition.

We begin with an opening number that includes animations and an upbeat medley of classic Disney songs. 

Then, the first results of the night are announced. Robert and Kym are safe, while Suzanne and Tony are in jeopardy. They are also the first to dance, earning a score of 28 for their Jazz routine.

Robert and Kym plummet a bit this week with their Mary Poppins inspired dance. They earn a score of 24.

Willow and Mark’s fun Foxtrot is elaborate and praised by the judges. They earn a score of 34.

Frustrations come out in rehearsals this week, and injuries start to affect the contestants as well. Julianne says Chris seems like he isn’t having fun anymore. His quickstep earns a score of 27.

Four more couples are announced safe.

Sharna offers inspiration words to Noah during their rehearsals. They dance and Aladdin themed Foxtrot that earns a score of 28.

Riker and Allison's Pirates of the Caribbean themed Samba earns a score of 38.

Rumer and Val earn a 39 for their Samba, and Rumer embodies Ursula very well. Their score is the highest of the night.

Nastia and Derek finish off the night with a Frozen themed dance that ties for second place, earning a score of 38.

In the last minutes of the episode, another couple is eliminated. Suzanne and Tony are sent home this week.

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