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Remember: The combined scores from these performances will be factored together with votes from fans. In Tuesday’s two-hour extravaganza, the one with the lowest combined score will be eliminated early in the show.

Then, the final two will dance their favorite dance of the season and be scored by the judges. That score will be added to the combined score and a champion will be crowned.

Therefore, with a combined score of 46 out of 60, there is no way Marie and her partner Jonathan Roberts will win this contest... unless she gets the popular vote, then nails, a perfect 30 while the other finalist trips and falls. Let's hope and pray this doesn't happen.

Melanie Brown leads with a total 55 out of 60 for her fun, R&B/disco cha cha cha (28) and her unfulfilling freestyle (27). Maksim Chmerkovskiy looked like a Justin Timberlake wannabe, without the hip-hop chops to pull off the dance, but he did create some incredible lifts.

Helio had a total of 54: a sloppy jive (25), but the best freestyle of the night (29) with loads of difficult, dynamic and daring lifts. Julianne Hough, really put a lot of confidence in his strength to pull off some of those feats and it paid off.

Marie danced the samba (yeah, the same dance that contributed to her fainting spell earlier this season. Prepare to pity her, viewers!) and scored a 24. Her reaction? A stunned gasp! It's like she’s fooled herself into thinking she’s in the class of Mel B and Helio. Sorry, Marie, but it's way past time for you to go home.

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