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Did Brooke Burke and Cody Linley continue their recent dominance, or did new challenges to their apparent title bout emerge? Let's find out ...

Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke (Viennese Waltz)

Their waltz lacked any big, flashy moves, but was well performed. Maurice continues to improve, and that really showed in some of the complicated turns that Cheryl gave him in the waltz. Carrie Ann noted the improvement in Maurice's posture, but added that Maurice & Cheryl lack chemistry. Bruno didn't think it had the sweep and the grace it needed. He compared it to a surfer on dry land. Score: 21 (7,7,7)

Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer (Jive)

Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick stopped by for support and Joey offered Lance some advice, which makes sense because Joey got a 30 with the jive. The judges couldn't say Lance didn't do enough this week. He opened with a big solo. Lacey joined him soon enough and they went into a high energy jive. All in all, it was confident and well-received. Score: 27 (9,9,9)

Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani (Mambo)

Susan was in the bottom two last week, mostly because she hasn't progressed in expressing herself. This week, Bruno was glad we are starting to see the devil lurking under Susan Lucci's skin. But the timing was off. It started a fight with Carrie Ann. Michael said Susan is the epitome of elegance, grace, and beauty. He liked her eye contact and said the performance was intoxicating. Score: 23 (8,8,7)

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough (Rumba)

Brooke has had no problem coming out of her shell, but a tendon strain has kept her down, and the doctor recommended seven days off of her foot. Just the same, Michael said she was sensational, intoxicating even. She never took her eyes off Derek, and added he hoped he had a card big enough for her score. Carrie Ann disagreed. She told Brooke that this was not her best dance. Bruno noted that even standing still Brooke can smolder like a flame, but tonight she was under par. Score: 26 (8,10,8)

Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas (Cha Cha)

This week, Corky brought in Cloris' ex-husband, George, to help with the training. Cloris is no longer even trying. Watching Corky redirect, and steer Cloris around the dance floor is ridiculous. Others are calling Leachman an inspiration to senior citizens. Carrie Ann said that she loves Cloris, but then said she's sad because we lost Toni Braxton for this. Score: 15 (5,5,5)

Cody Linley & Julianne Hough (Samba)

Julianne is going to have surgery on Tuesday to remove her appendix, but is still planning on dancing next week. Until she's back to full speed, Edyta will be taking over for her. As for last night, Carrie Ann said theirs was the most intense samba she's ever seen. She sees that Cody is really going for it and she loved it. Bruno didn't agree. Score: 23 (8,8,7)

Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson (Rumba)

Warren had a tall order this week with the dance. Kym had the idea to tell a love story in their performance, and he took to the challenge well. Despite one obvious mistake in which Warren realized he missed a step and his whole face went into a grimace, it was another really good performance for the big guy. Bruno agreed, noting that Warren always gets the character right. He did point out the mistakes in the dancing though. Score: 25 (8,9,8)

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