Rycroft and Dovolani
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Five couples. 10 total dances tonight. Let's get to all the action... which included a perfect 30 for one tandem!

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas:  Lots of broken holds on this Quickstep. However, Shawn is a great ballroom dancer. This routine showed off her athleticism and grace. Len called themout on the holding, as did the other judges, while Bruno compared her to Sporty Spice.
Score: 27.

Paso Doble time. Shawn is tailored for such a dance. "Girlfriend, you delivered the drama!" said Carrie Ann Inaba, while Bruno said the 17-year-old had uncovered her "killer instinct."
Score: 29.

Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower: First up, the Argentine tango. Not exactly a smooth showing, as the rodeo star isn't sharpt. Still, to our surprise, Len said Ty and Chelsie Hightower "captured the flavor and essence of the dance" to a tee.
Score: 25.

Ty wagging his hips for the rumba? Not exactly his best maneuver. His solo won't earn him a job at Chippendales, either. Sorry, but Murray really has to head home this week. Nice guy, butBruno sums it up: "You can't confuse likeability with ability."
Score: 21.

Lil' Kim and Derek Hough: These two begin with the Viennese waltz. Far from perfect, but he rapper is solid in a somewhat stumbly performance. "You tried to be a lady, but you're more comfortable being a tramp," Bruno said, trying to give a compliment, we guess.
Score: 25.

Kim had a bounce in her step for the Salsa. After her solo, she came back at full speed and finished off the routne with a death-defying dip and some spot-on shimmy. "You're in your element," said Bruno.
Score: 27.

Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke: A great, unique Fox Trotfox. They danced to "Fever" and it was, hot, hot, hot! Almost like a mating ritual. Len had to mention Marini's lack of leg-straightening, but Bruno, raised a triumphant fist, while Carrie Ann said it was dances like that that are taking them "right into the semifinals."
Score: 29.

This is what a Rumbo is supposed to look like! Burke is really having a good time. Carrie Ann said Marini's solo was bit "self-indulgent" and Bruno thought the entire number was "a bit uneven by [Gilles'] usual standards but still very good."
Score: 27.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani: Melissa appeared to be in some pain, but still impressed during  the Viennese waltz. The judges, though, still see a ballet dancer doing ballroom. "Romance, musicality, great extension of the arms," Len said, listing the high points before adding: "I'm still not a big fan of your feet."
Score: 27.

Wow. Melissa's body is made for a solo, that's for sure. Her solo in this Samba seemed shorter than 15 seconds, but was "flawless!" said Carrie Ann. Bruno had even more to say: "The samba should make you happy to be alive."
Perfect score: 30.

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