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There's a lot to cover on the Dancing with the Stars finale. From Argentine tango to Viennese waltz, Mya, Kelly Osbourne and Donny Osmond danced three times apiece. Let's rundown each performance...

ROUND 1: Latin
Kelly Osbourne & Louis van Amstel: We can't believe it, but Kelly looked hot! Her footwork was off a bit, however, but Len praised her: "You epitomize what this competition is about... You came out and danced right up there."
Score: 26

Mya & Dmitry Chaplin: This competition really isn't close. What a great paso doble! Said Carrie Ann: "I dub you... the queen of the paso doble!"
Score: 30

Donny Osmond & Kym Johnson: A fun-filled but very unsexy cha-cha. In other words: just like Donny. Carrie Ann called the performance a "breakthrough" for some reason. Fortunately, Len and Bruno didn't agree.
Score: 27

ROUND 2: Mega-Mix!
All three started off with the Viennese waltz, but then Louis had difficulty ripping Kelly's skirt off; they arrived a bit late to the samba portion.
However, the trio of stars were well-served by the waltz, samba and jive. Can you get who earned another perfect score, though?
Scores: Kelly, 26; Donny, 28; Mya, 30

ROUND 3: Freestyle
Kelly & Louis: Sorry, Kelly. But you ended up with the short end of the stick here. You looked good, but a trio of 8s won't win you any titles.
Score: 24

Mya & Dmitry: No perfect night from Mya, as she and Dmitry danced here to "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray. A lot of hand-waving was involved. Maybe they purposely tanked the dance because they felt bad.
Score: 27

Donny & Kym: Donny's top-hat-and-tails number wasn't that difficult-looking, but it was sharp and fun. They earned their first perfect score of the season. "An absolute showstopper," said Len.
Score: 30

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