Pascal's plan - Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 7
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Messengers rush from the palace in the early dawn, delivering letters. Camille receives one -- an invitation to the opera.

Camille visits Valmont, who is still in bed. She tells him that Victoire has left her and lies down in bed with him. Victoire wants her to let go of the past, but Camille is resolute that she will make the Montrachets pay.

Camille also tells Valmont about her meeting with the Queen, and how if he can secure a letter from Jacqueline, she could show it to the Queen. Pascal says she will not get close to the Queen again, but she informs him of the opera.

Pascal suggests that he deliver the letter as Lucien and then return to his identity of Valmont for good.

Camille and Pascal make love.

After, she asks him if he can get the letter from Jacqueline by the night after tomorrow, when the opera will be.

Valmont assures her that he could, even sooner, and she just needs to leave Saint-Honoré and meet him at the Luxembourg Gardens at 8 p.m. tomorrow. She tells him she loves him.

Henri confronts Jacqueline, saying that one of the young men at his lecture was at the ball, and saw Jacqueline with another man. She plays innocent, but he sees through her.

Henri warns her that rumors like this could lead to him losing his opportunity at Versailles, and she stands to lose as much as him.

Suzette brings Jacqueline a letter. It reads, "I do not want to live without you."

Jacqueline tears it up and throws it in the fire.

Camille returns to Saint-Honoré, which is filled with an excess of beautiful flowers. The Majordome explains this is due to the Marquis's affection for her.

Camille meets Jean in the drawing room. He presents her with a bouquet and seats her at the table. The servants exit. Jean presents her with a mechanical singing bird in a cage.

Camille says she has been thinking about their marriage and feels awful that she has manipulated him into loving her while he was still grieving, and she begs him to take more time to decide if this is what he truly wants.

Azolan gives Pascal a letter from Jacqueline. It reads, "Don't write to me again."

Pascal, as Lucien, approaches Jacqueline on the street, asking about the orphanage. She defers, saying if it's funding he's after, he should ask her husband. Pascal requests to speak with her privately. She gets in her carriage, and he follows.

Pascal tells Jacqueline he regrets that he didn't make love to her the night before when he had the chance. She admonishes him for his wickedness. He kisses her hand. She thanks him for saving her from herself and tells him their business is concluded. She opens the carriage door, and he leaves.

Pascal says he will go to Jacqueline again tomorrow, as he made a promise to Camille. Azolan scolds him for taking such risks for Camille's revenge and warns him his love for Camille will destroy him. Azolan leaves Pascal alone.

Jean approaches Camille, saying he is more certain than ever and offers to bring his priest within the hour. Camille stresses that she wants to plan her perfect wedding day.

Camille writes to Valmont, urging him to hurry. Servants bring her a box full of the addresses of the aristocracy, with a note from Jean telling her to invite them all. She goes through the box and finds the card of the Vicomte de Valmont.

Camille writes in her letter that she promises to avenge Pascal just as he avenges her.

Camille pays a visit to the Vicomte, Prevan, and presents him with a wedding gift. It is a picture of a naked man with a large member. Prevan expresses confusion, saying this is not to his taste.

Camille explains to him that she knows of his liaisons at the Labyrinth. He asks he what she wants for her silence. She tells him he must return the title of Vicomte to the rightful heir, Pascal.

Gabriel presents the ball of thread to the chief, Abbaye, and explains about the Labyrinth club.

Gabriel recounts how a surgeon he knows has found another girl's body in the river who choked on a ball of thread like this. He requests permission to question all involved at the Labyrinth.

Abbaye warns him to leave this alone and return to his "work." Gabriel gets angry and leaves. Abbaye tucks the ball into his pocket.

Jacqueline and Suzette go to give alms, but Lucien is already there, playing with the children. Jacqueline tries to leave, but Lucien pursues. She tells him she is going to Versailles with her husband.

Pascal says he merely wishes to thank her and apologize. He says he mistook her devotion for loneliness and realizes that she must be happy in her marriage to Henri. She calls him out for praising her husband, as yesterday he said he wanted to make love to her.

Pascal confesses he is still sick with love for her and tells her he is leaving Paris. He walks away. Jacqueline runs after him. She asks what will happen to her if he leaves, and he tells her confession should be fine.

Gabriel visits the Labyrinth, but it is empty. He searches the halls with a lantern. He finds a ball of thread stuck on the wall. Jacqueline writes a letter to "Lucien," telling him she must see him before she leaves Paris.

He arrives at her house, and Suzette shows him in. Jacqueline says they will discuss the orphanage. She shows him into the drawing room. He tells her he will name the orphanage "The Children of Jacqueline." She tells him she doesn't want to discuss the orphanage. 

Jacqueline says he is wrong in his charitable thoughts of her husband -- she is alone in her marriage. He says he is happy o hear it, though he condemns his soul to say so. Silently, she leads him down the hallways through the many rooms until they are in her bedroom.

Pascal shuts the doors, and they begin to kiss. They sink onto her bed, but she sees the bloody dress and tells him she must give her confession before they make love.

She tells him that Camille was her servant and Henri defiled her and got her pregnant. Jacqueline says she could not let Camille destroy her marriage. Pascal says God forgives her.

Jacqueline takes Pascal to another room, where a young girl -- Odette -- lies asleep. Jacqueline tells him that this is her soul. She explains that she is barren and took the child when Camille was sleeping.

Pascal walks away. She asks if he will have her now. He is silent, trying to hold back the tears. She embraces him, saying she wants to be with him, not go to Versailles. Finally, he can speak, saying he will find a way for them to be together.

Pascal leaves, overwhelmed, in tears. He tells azolan to send a letter reminding Camille they are to meet. He tells him to send a letter to Jacqueline, wait for her reply, hire a cart, pack up, and meet him at Montmartre.

Pascal writes to inform Jacqueline of the plan -- he will come tonight under the pretense of discussing the orphanage, and Henri must be there. While they are speaking, Suzette should take Odette to the carriage -- Jacqueline must tell them she plans to surprise Henri with a carriage ride to watch the fireworks before leaving for Versailles.

Azolan delivers the letter and tells Jacqueline he is to wait for her reply. Pascal continues -- he will go with Odette and Suzette, and then Jacqueline should meet them in a half hour, and he will pay for Suzette'e silence. Jacqueline tells Azolan, "Yes."

Majordome shows Azolan to Camille's room. Majordome leaves. Azolan says he first asked for Victoire, but Majordome said she was gone. Camille says if he has a message for Victoire, she'll see that Victoire gets it.

Azolan asks how she'll do that as Victoire has left her. Camille says they have simply quarreled. Camille gives him some of her things to take.

Azolan says Valmont says she shouldn't come tonight, as he's better off as Lucien. Camille doesn't believe him, and she insists she loves Valmont. She says she will see him tonight, as agreed. Azolan leaves without taking the bag.

Prevan tells his mother, Ondine, about Camille asking him to relinquish his title. He explains he has a secret life, and she will ruin him. Ondine is furious, but not at Prevan, who she knows and loves, but she will destroy Camille.

Camille goes out for the evening, but as she leaves, she notices Abbaye is in the front hall, sniffling.

Majordome lets Abbaye in to see the Marquis. Abbaye tells Jean that one of his men keeps pulling "Ariadnes" from the Seine. He says he's closed the club, but Gabriel will not look away for long.

Jean tells him to approach the Duke. He says the Duke must only be served, and Jean must find a girl who leaves no trace. Abbaye suggests Camille. Jean says he will do nothing more, and Abbaye insists Jean will do whatever is asked of him.

Pascal arrives at the home of the Montrachets. Suzette takes Odette from her bed. Jacqueline and Lucien meet with Henri to discuss a donation. Lucien assures him that even the Montrachet name would be a boon.

Henri tells him to leave the details with Jacqueline, and they will help however they can.

Lucien heads down to the carriage, where Suzette and Odette are waiting. Odette is asleep. Suzette says she has forgotten Odette's blanket and must go back to get it. Pascal tells her to go.

Pascal tells the sleeping child that he is taking her back to her mother. Suzette returns without the blanket. As soon as Pascal notices, he is pulled out of the carriage and beaten by Henri's servants. They drag him away. Suzette returns Odette to Henri.

Camille waits alone in the gardens.

Camille heads to Valmont's apartment, but it is empty. Chevalier Saint-Jacques is there, drunk, saying Pascal cannot be found. He laments that he has no story. Camille is surprised as the opera is tomorrow.

They both complain of Valmont's betrayal. Camille tells him to sit, and she'll tell him a story. She begins.

Victoire and Rose both show up at a street show -- it is the mesmerist, Antoine, bidding people burn the things they do not need. Victoire throws Valmont's letters into the fire. Rose pulls them out before they can burn.

Camille concludes her story. Chevalier is grateful, saying he will have a fantastic opera. He tells her she is best off without him.

Camille asks Jean to send for his priest. They marry that night.

In their bed-chamber, she asks him to take her to the opera tomorrow. She wants all of Paris to know who she is -- the Marquise de Merteuil. They go to bed together.

Victoire returns to Saint-Honoré.

Rose reads the letters as best she can, though she has trouble.

Jean wraps the sleeping Camille in a thread.

Victoire makes a fire in her room. Jean hears the noise and goes to see. He approaches Victoire silently. She backs away. He assures her it's alright. Overcome with fear, she faints.

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Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Do not turn compassion into torture.

Jean de Merteuil

Jacqueline de Montrachet: You’ve accused me previously of being loveless.
Henri de Montrachet: I didn’t mean it as a challenge!