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Camille sleeps in Valmont's bed. Valmont teases her about how she wants to go to Jean's engagement party at the Chateau de Rambouillet. Valmont suggests she move in with him instead.

Valmont mentions that he has been to Rambouillet, as he has a musician friend, and the Sevignys were this friend's patron. Unfortunately, Ondine turned everyone against him.

Valmont reminds Camille of her promise to help him get back what's his from Ondine, and she reminds him of his own task. She asks how to get to Rambouillet.

Camille and Victoire arrive at Rambouillet. The servants are bewildered, as they were not expecting further guests. Camille tells them she is a "surprise."

Inside, Jean and the guests play a game. Jean is blindfolded and must "catch" ladies and try to guess who they are. He "catches" Ondine, guesses incorrectly, and she playfully pushes him off her, to the amusement of the other guests.

Camille arrives on the scene and gets in front of Jean. He grabs her and guesses that it is his future wife. She whispers that "Ariadne is here." Jean pulls off his blindfold.

Jean smiles at the crowd and leads Camille over to the window. He threatens to humiliate her if she stays and tells her that Ariadne means nothing. Camille says she has been to the Labyrinth.

As the game continues (Chevaliers Saint-Jacques and Danceny are now blindfolded), Jean asks what Camille wants. She tells him she wants a generous settlement allowing her to live independently, along with the protection of the Merteuil name.

Jean says he will have his lawyer come in the morning. Camille insists the lawyer come tonight, but Jean tells her it is too much work to be done quickly. Jean asks Christine to find Camille a room.

Jacqueline and Suzette meet with Pascal (as Lucien). Jacqueline is pleased to see Pascal has taken on Azolan. Together, they visit the poor to give alms.

A young girl greets Jacqueline affectionately. They enter a room where a sickly older person is lying in bed. Pascal is overcome and exits in a hurry, out into the open courtyard.

Jacqueline comes after him, asking what is wrong. He tells her he has a painful memory. She bids him sit in the carriage with her.

Jacqueline tells him she hasn't given alms since the incident with the pig's blood and says it wasn't a random attack -- even though her husband thinks the girl is a figment of her imagination.

Pascal assures her that her husband is wrong. Jacqueline explains that the girl was her servant five years ago, though she was treated as a daughter. Jacqueline explains that Camille tried to take her husband, and when she failed, Camille cut her wrists before Jacqueline.

Henri de Montrachet performs on a cadaver before his medical students. Gabriel watches from above. One of his students asks about Henri's search for "the soul."

Gabriel visits Henri in his office afterward. He shows Henri the little ball of string he pulled from a corpse's throat and asks if it could have been a cause of death.

Henri says he had seen a ball and string like this in a corpse he used for an anatomy class -- "Ariadne" (they name all their corpses). Henri explains that in Greek mythology, Ariadne gave Theseus a skein of thread so he could kill the monster in the maze and find his way back.

Henri notices Gabriel's hand and asks about it. Henri says he could remove it, saying it is an impediment. Gabriel admits that things are more challenging, but because he takes time, he notices things others miss. Henri says the left hand is considered the Devil's, and Gabriel leaves.

Emilie sings for the guests, with Danceny accompanying, and they applaud when she is done. Christine addresses her guests and announces the princess is here with a blessing from the Queen.

The princess presents Emilie with a beautiful diadem. Claude de Sevigny toasts the Marquis and future Marquise. Jean makes a toast to love and marriage.

Ondine mentions to Camille that she'd prefer it if Jean married her. Camille is surprised Ondine wishes to match with Jean. Ondine asks for her help, saying Camille would always be welcome if Ondine were to marry Jean.

Camille asks Ondine about Pascal. Ondine says they will discuss Pascal another time -- over a bottle of brandy.

Danceny drinks. Emilie approaches him tearfully, explaining that it is not her choice but her mother's arrangement. Christine breaks them up, asking Danceny to get back to the harpsichord. Christine reminds Emilie of the Marquis.

Christine asks Saint-Jacques about the Queen. Christine kisses his hand and says to give it to dear "Marietta." Camille overhears.

Christine addresses the guests and bids the dance the "Contredanse Allemande." Camille is frazzled, as she doesn't know the dance, but Saint-Jacques guides her through it.

As they dance, Christine chides Jean for inviting Camille to the party. Jean counters by saying they are in Christine's house, and he's already thrown her out of his.

Camille remembers dancing with Henri de Montrachet.

Camille notices Emilie and Danceny getting close. Saint-Jacques pulls Camille aside, mentioning Valmont, and says he will be a friend to her. Victoire overhears as Saint-Jacques tells Camille that Valmont is waiting in the summer house.

Camille tells Victoire she is going out for some fresh air. Victoire eats from the table. Christine comes by, pulls the food from her hand, and gives Victoire an inventory of everything in Camille's room to ensure it's there in the morning when they leave. Victoire sneaks a biscuit.

Camille meets Valmont outside in the summer house. They kiss, and she tells him she loves him. He says he has his carriage and asks her to come with him. 

Camille tells him she has succeeded in her blackmail of Jean, and they will have enough money to buy a house, but she has to stay another day.

Pascal asks for proof of Jacqueline's wrongdoing, and tears the ribbons from Camille's wrists, showing the scars. He asks for the truth. Camille says that Jacqueline took everything from her.

Pascal accuses Camille of trying to ruin Jacqueline so she can have Henri all to herself. She yells at him that he knows nothing and shoves him. Pascal leaves.

Camille heads to her room, sits down, and sobs, trying to catch her breath. She composes herself.

Camille brings a bottle of brandy to Ondine's room, proposing they get drunk together.

Camille asks Ondine about Pascal. Ondine explains that Pascal told his father lies about her. Camille says she hates him -- for her. Ondine says that she was once close with the Comtesse de Sevigny, until she heard of the liaisons between Pascal and Christine. Ondine explains that this is why she is now invited to everything.

Pascal lies in bed, despondent. He cannot figure out who he is -- Pascal or Lucien. Azolan asks who he wants to be. Pascal says he wants to be a good man. He doesn't want to hurt someone undeserving. Azolan tells Pascal to tell Jacqueline the truth about his mother.

Jacqueline and Pascal (as Lucien) walk together through a garden. He explains that giving alms reminds him of his mother's death -- a lunatic slit her throat while she was giving alms, and he witnessed it.

Jacqueline is moved and takes his hand. Pascal grips her hand tightly, asking her not to go. Conflicted, she leaves.

The guests at Rambouillet prepare for the hunt. Emilie confides in Camille that she believes Jean is not thrilled about marrying her.

Camille says he is a fool if he feels that way, but if she loves someone else, she should tell her mother. She tells Emilie her secret is safe, but she should follow her heart.

In the forest, the hunt is underway. Emilie asks to speak to her mother privately.

Camille approaches Jean, asking where his lawyer is, but he brushes her off. Christine grabs Camille by the arm and offers to teach her how to shoot -- as a parting gift. Christine gets the rifle into Camille's hands. From behind, Christine squeezes the gun's trigger.

Christine takes the gun and tells Camille that she will not tolerate her behavior anymore and she is not welcome at Rambouillet. Camille says she has listened to Emilie and is here at the Marquis's invitation.

Christine shoots again, telling Camille that if she does not leave, the next shot will be her. Christine walks away.

Back in her room, Camille searches for Valmont's letter from Christine. Victoire expresses concern. Camille finds one about an "explosion," signed "M." Camille compares the handwriting to the inventory Christine wrote -- it is the same.

The letter describes a technique and how Christine used it on her lover, Marietta. Camille tells Victoire that Marietta is Christine's name for the Queen. Victoire suggests they burn the letter, but Camile insists it is her salvation.

Camille visits Ondine, asking if she still wants Jean. Ondine confirms it. Camille asks what she would give, and Ondine asks what she wants. Camille says she wants money for a house and her backing.

Camille tells her she has information that will ruin the Sevignys -- an incriminating letter. Ondine asks to see it. Camille says they will have to trust one another. Ondine agrees.

Camille finds Christine in the dining room and asks to speak to her in private. She sits at the table. Christine is dismissive. Camille asks her to break the engagement. Christine laughs.

Camille says that Jean and Emilie do not love each other. Christine bids the servants leave. Camille says she wishes to humiliate Christine, as Christine has tried to do to her. She tells her she has her letter to Valmont about "Marietta" and asks her to break the engagement.

Jacqueline visits Pascal, noting the modesty of his home. He pours some wine at her request. Pascal explains that when they are together, he is the man he wants to be -- a good man.

Jacqueline insists he is good, and he insists that no one else sees that in him since his mother. Jacqueline gives him a book, of her husband's early work, about the soul. She says the strange feeling she feels is her soul and, therefore, cannot be a sin.

Pascal gets up and walks away, but she follows, telling him she wants to be "known" within her very soul. She says they must pray for her thoughts about him, upon which they may never act. They clasp hands and almost kiss, but she pulls away.

Ondine searches Camille's room. Victoire comes in and discovers her. Ondine tries to bribe Victoire. Castile enters. Victoire says Ondine was searching through her trunk. Ondine exits. Victoire begs Camille to stop lest she destroys them both.

Christine frantically tries to apologize to Camille for their "playful sparring." Christine asks what reason she should give Jean for breaking the engagement.

Camille says she should do it to save herself. Christine will not be able to deny the letter, for it is in her handwriting. Camille tells Christine to tell Jean that she suspects he drove his wife to suicide, and tell this to the guests. Camille walks away.

Henri meets Jacqueline in their drawing room, where she reads his book. He tells her that, though it is still unofficial, he will be the physician to the King, and they will soon be living at Versailles.

Camille hears Jean and Christine arguing. Christine bursts out in tears. Camille enters and closes the door. She says she knows what the Comtesse has done to him.

Camille says Christine will humiliate him by telling the guests he drove his wife to suicide -- which was Camille's instruction. Jean claims Camille has no power.

Camille explains she has the Comtesse's most dangerous secrets in a letter. She suggests a union between the two of them -- he should marry her, his equal.

Claude finds a tearful Christine, telling her the guests are waiting.

Saint-Jacques mentions to Danceny that he overheard Christine saying Jean de Merteuil is unfit for marriage and drove Genevieve to her death. Danceny pulls Emilie aside.

Claude comforts Christine.

Camille grabs Victoire, saying they should go, but Victoire wants to see the Marquis get what he deserves.

The princess tells the Sevignys that gossip is circulating about the Marquis, and they should call off the engagement.

Claude addresses his guests, telling them they have new information that has caused them to call about Emilie's engagement. Emilie hugs Christine. Danceny steps up and proclaims that Jean drove his first wife to suicide.

Jean de Merteuil appears, letter in hand. He says this is not the truth -- he has the real truth. He apologizes to the princess, saying Christine has made a fool of the Comte de Sevigny and the monarchy. Jean will not marry Emilie because the Sevignys are corrupt.

Jean gives the letter to the princess. Victoire exits. The princess reads the letter, removes the diadem from Emilie, and tells Christine that she has fallen by her own hand.

Claude pulls Emilie away from her mother. Christine leaves alone, disgraced.

Outside, Ondine approaches Jean flirtatiously. He cuts her off, telling her he's not interested in her.

Camille and Jean ride off together.

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Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

She kissed my hand, so that you might kiss it, and receive the kiss she has left for you.

Chevalier Saint-Jacques

Some still do not trust the knowledge in medicine. I hope rationality will eventually banish fear and superstition.

Henri de Montrachet