The Mask Room - Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 6
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Camille meets Valmont in the Merteuil crypt. Valmont tells her that Christine de Sevigny is ruined, her head shaved, and sent to a convent. Her daughter Emilie will also be shamed. Valmont asks Camille to prove this was not done using one of his letters.

Camille asks why Christine matters to him. Valmont realizes that Camille will destroy anyone to get what she wants. He leaves, disgusted.

At Madame Berthe's, Leonard asks Ondine what happened at Rambouillet. Ondine asks Camille what she knows of a letter. Camille acts clueless, saying she saw the same thing as Ondine. They remark on the ruin of the Sevignys.

Ondine mentions that she hopes the masked ball will not be overshadowed by any scandal, as the King and Queen are meant to be there. Camille subtly declares that she is now engaged to the Marquis de Merteuil.

Ondine follows Camille, insulting her and warning her of the dangers of her actions. Camille maintains composure.

Madame Berthe takes Camille to the back, where she shows her the masks for the masked ball. Madame Berthe selects the masks for each guest to reflect their personalities. The women will arrive first, the men will come next, and the game will begin.

Camille asks who will wear which masks, saying she does not want to offend, but Madame Berthe assures her anyone can get away with almost anything at the masked ball. Camille asks if Madame de Montrachet will be there.

Berthe confides that Jacqueline will be a lamb, as will all the pious -- Henri will be a wolf.

Pascal bathes, thinking of Camille and Jacqueline. There is a knock at the door. He calls for Azolan, but he is not there.

Half-dressed, Pascal answers the door -- it is Jacqueline. She tells him she will be going to Versailles with her husband, who has a new position with the king. She asks Pascal to come to the ball, as it may be the last time they see each other.

Pascal tells her he doesn't want her to leave. She confides that she will be wearing a lamb mask.

Camille gives Victoire a bracelet. Camille and Victoire argue. Victoire doesn't want her to marry Jean or Valmont, but Camille no longer wants to be a maid or a whore.

Camille says she will do as Genevieve did, carving out a life, keeping her and Victoire safe. Victoire tells Camille that she should stop making enemies. Victoire threatens to leave. Camille says she doesn't want her to go.

Camille finds Jean staring out at his estate. He cannot look at her. She says he should want to show her off at the ball, but he thinks it is the other way around, given that he has an ancient title. Jean suggests that he might be safer as a widower.

Jacqueline writes a letter to Valmont, telling him she wants to sleep with him at the ball.

Valmont receives the letter. Azolan plays with the mask. Valmont burns the letter with no intention of attending the ball.

Camille is intent on winning Jean back. She visits him in his study. She asks how tight she should cinch her corset. She says she's going to the ball, but he tells her she can't get in without his invitation.

Camille offers to share some of her secrets with him. Jean sits down beside her and touches her leg. She gets up. She tells him she was not born to be alone, and if he doesn't want her, she'll find someone else.

Camille turns her back to Jean. He tightens her corset and kisses her neck. She tells him to get ready for the ball.

Camille and Victoire ride to the ball in their carriage and pass crowds of poor people screaming and begging.

They arrive at the ball. Camille sees Jacqueline de Montrachet arrive. Victoire realizes that Camille did come for them after all. Camille explains that, as Marquise, she will outrank the Montrachets, which is part of her revenge.

Camille gets out of the carriage. Victoire does not follow but instead rides away.

The women arrive at the room where they will get their masks on. Camille finds her fox mask and puts it on. She sees Ondine and Jacqueline. Camille recalls trudging through the snow after Jacqueline.

Camille, the fox, pursues Jacqueline, the lamb.

Victoire goes to Valmont. Valmont doesn't want to see her. She asks him how to help. He says Camille is no longer his concern.

Victoire tells him that Camille is going to marry Jean. Victoire says she cannot live with them because Camille is obsessed with Jacqueline, which makes Camille unwell. Victoire insists that the Montrachets wronged Camille, though she doesn't know the details.

Valmont tells Victoire that Jacqueline did nothing wrong -- it was just that Camille wanted to marry Henri de Montrachet. Victoire tells him that Camille intends to destroy Jacqueline at the ball and begs him to help.

The men arrive at the ball. Dancing and festivities begin. Jean shows up, finding Camille. She shares some secrets with him about various guests, ones he has never been able to discover himself.

Camille says he should thank her with an engagement ring, but he says it's just gossip. She says she has written proof -- private letters -- that will be his when they marry.

Chevalier Saint-Jacques addresses the guests and conducts a piece from his new opera dedicated to the Queen.

Jacqueline looks for Lucien. Camille watches Jacqueline.

Pascal arrives, in his dog mask, saying he is a guest of Monsieur Montrachet. The doorman allows him in, but not Azolan and Victoire.

The music concludes, and the guests applaud. Pascal greets Saint-Jacques, saying he is disguised in name as well as mask. Pascal tells his friend his music is wonderful and he shouldn't worry.

Saint-Jacques confides that the Queen doesn't like the story. Pascal says he will help with the story, but for now, he is searching for a lamb. Saint-Jacques points out the wolf and lamb, Henri and Jacqueline.

Another dance begins. Henri thanks Jacqueline for being at his side, given that she is offended by the excess of the aristocracy. She says she is not offended, merely bored.

Pascal and Jacqueline dance together.

Camille spies Henri and watches him dance with Ondine. Ondine recognizes him, though he does not recognize her. She kisses his hand, introducing herself as the Widow Vicomtesse de Valmont, and asks him to call on her.

Camille remembers dancing with Henri long ago.

Pascal leads Jacqueline down an empty hallway. They take off their masks and find a dark room. They kiss, then realize there are others in the room having sex. Pascal apologizes, having brought her here by mistake.

They kiss again. Jacqueline tells him that God did not intercede, though she prayed. Pascal stops her, saying she is too good. He pulls away, saying adultery is a mortal sin. He helps her up and offers to get her out.

Pascal leads Jacqueline to her carriage, and she leaves. Pascal puts his mask back on.

In the powder room, the women gossip. Ondine notes that it's interesting how anyone in the way of Camille's marriage dies or is disgraced.

Ondine announces that Camille and Jean are engaged. Madame Berthe says the Queen is supposedly already there.

Leonard announces that Henri de Montrachet has been appointed the king's physician and will be going to Versailles.

Camille puts her mask back on and surreptitiously grabs a pair of scissors, concealing them in the fabric of her dress. She returns to the ball.

Victoire enters the ballroom and finds Camille. Camille tells her to go home. Victoire says Valmont told her there's something between her and Henri and begs Camille to tell her the truth. They argue, their voices raised, and people watch.

Victoire resents being treated as a servant. Camille tells her a servant should not speak to her that way and walks away, leaving Victoire among the dancing guests.

Camille searches for the wolf, and Victoire walks away. Camille remembers walking in the snow and dancing with Henri.

Camille finds her wolf and holds the scissors to his neck, saying she is the girl he raped. But it is not Henri, the wolf -- it is Pascal, the dog. He removes his mask. Camille is aghast and falls into his arms, sobbing.

Pascal takes her outside to the garden and asks her to tell him what happened.

Camille explains that the Montrachets took her in. They were kind to her. Henri was kind, but it was a lie. Henri raped her and made her swear not to tell. He got Camille pregnant, and Jacqueline dismissed a stablehand.

Camille told Jacqueline that it was Henri's baby and that he had forced her. They kept her out of sight until she gave birth. Camille wanted to die until she felt her baby girl in her arms and saw her eyes -- she wanted the baby to be hers forever.

Camille fell asleep with the baby in her arms, and when she awoke, her baby was gone. They told her the baby died, and they didn't allow her to bury her baby, and then Jacqueline cast Camille out. Camille cut her wrists and passed out in the snow in front of the Montrachet house.

Valmont vows to kill Henri himself. Camille insists that she wants to ruin them. She realizes she is not powerful enough to destroy the king's man tonight.

Valmont says he will ruin Jacqueline, and Camille doesn't need to go back inside. Valmont tells her to go back to Saint-Honoré tonight, then meet him tomorrow, where they can go off and have a life together. He proclaims his love, and she says she is his. They kiss, and he leaves.

Camille sees and hears Jean searching for her. She moves back into the dark of the garden and comes upon an upset woman sitting alone on a swing.

The woman explains that she lost a friend recently. This friend betrayed her, but her absence is a worse pain. She has a challenge acting unaffected. Camille assures her that she is only in pain because she loved fully. Camille advises that she will love and be loved again.

The woman hugs Camille and heads back to the party.

The fireworks explode in a grand spectacle. The woman returns to the crowd, and the guests bow -- she takes off her mask, revealing her face as the Queen. Camille sees her and smiles.

Victoire writes a letter. Camille cries with mixed feelings on the carriage ride home.

Camille returns home, calling her apologies to Victoire. She finds a letter addressed to her.

Victoire has written to say she is leaving Camille, as they are no longer friends, but she will always love her. Victoire has taken Valmont's letters so Camille can no longer endanger herself and vows to destroy them.

Jean comes home and finds Camille. He realized when he couldn't find her that he does love her and wants to marry her. Jean gives her a ring. Camille smiles, and he kisses her hand.

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Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Paris is a lonely place without friends, but a lethal one with enemies.

Ondine de Valmont

Perhaps the real crime is that men do not suffer for their own failings, only the failings of their wives.

Madame Berthe