Heated Exchange - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 9
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After spending the night at Colette’s, Addy returns home in the morning to an unhappy Faith.

At school, Beth and Addy discuss Will’s suicide. Addy confronts Colette in her office about feeling overwhelmed, and Colette tells her to keep it together.

Faith and a fellow officer talk to Will’s neighbors in his apartment building, while Kurtz hides out in an abandoned apartment across the hall.

Addy and Michael ask Faith questions about Will’s case at dinner, and Mike tells them that the last time he saw Will he wasn’t acting like himself. Faith then tells Addy that a few years ago, a drunk driver killed Will’s wife and his unborn daughter,\ while he was overseas.

People gather at a local abandoned factory to celebrate Will, including Kurtz and Tibbs, and Addy drinks too much. Later, Beth takes her home, and while in and out of sleep, Addy mentions that Will shot himself in the mouth.

After talking to Faith, Beth finds out that Addy lied to her mom about spending the night with Addy the night prior.

The next day Addy warns Colette that Beth knows the two of them were together the night Will died.

Faith tells Addy that after the autopsy, they are treating Will’s death as suspicious.

Dare Me
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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Beth: Fucks you up. Suicide. The people you've left behind, you have dumped this dark thing on them, ya know? They're left wondering if they could have stopped it. What they could have done. Not being an asshole. Bothering to listen.
Addy: We both know who you're talking about.
Beth: That wasn't who I was talking about. I'm not always talking about her.

Faith: You never talk to me anymore.
Addy: I do.
Faith: No, you don't. You don't. Something has changed. And I get it. But I don't have to like it.