Game Day - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10
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The local newspaper reports that Will’s death is now being classified as suspicious, and Beth shares the news with Addy.

Colette and Addy meet to discuss the news, and Colette assures her that the police won’t be able to track Will to Colette.

Beth goes to Will’s apartment to look around and also talks to his neighbor.

The police begin questioning students at school about Will’s death.

Police show up at Colette’s house and confront her about her car accident a few days prior. Video footage shows her running into a light pole and leaving the scene of the crime.

Later, Colette meets Faith and tells her that she didn’t like Kurtz and his intentions with her girls.

Beth corners Kurtz at school and threatens to tell everyone what he did to her if he doesn’t tell her everything he knows about the night Will died. He explains that he heard Will and Colette fighting, and he left the building before any gunshot.

At the football game that evening, the cops show up to take Kurtz in for questioning.

Beth confronts Addy about her hamsa and reveals to her that the cops found her hamsa at the crime scene.

Addy goes to Colette’s, but she won’t see her. She texts her repeatedly and asks about her bracelet. This prompts Colette to panic, and she begins searching for it. It’s soon revealed that Matt was also at the apartment the night of Will’s death, as the two frantically search for the hamsa.

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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bert: Beth Ann, I, I see it, ya know? I see it, and it takes my breath away. How good you've gotten. She made you stronger. She made you tougher.
Beth: She didn't. I did.

Fuck me, Hanlon. You wait your whole life for something to happen, and then suddenly it does.