At Practice - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 3
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Addy continues to watch Colette's daughter, as the affair between Colette and Will continues. 

The squad has 5 days to get their video submission in for regionals and are practicing hard. 

Addy lies to Beth about working, and instead joins Colette and Will and practices her aerial. 

While practicing, Beth hurts her shoulder while trying to lift Tacy. Later, Beth challenges Tacy to particpate in an ice bath to prove she isn't weak. 

Tacy passes out in the ice bath and has to be pulled out by Addy and others. 

Colette invites the girls over to her house to hang out, and everyone goes except Beth. Instead, she hangs out with Corporal Kurtz. 

Addy leaves the party early and joins Beth at her home, where the two ladies give one another massages to help with their bruising. 

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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

It's a nasty virus, weakness. One of you shows it, next thing you're all infected. Laziness lurks in all of you and it is ugly. So when you see someone who's weak, do you complain? Phone it in? No! You step up. Adapt. Adjust. If we can't help each other, if we don't support each other, don't teach other...then we can't get there from here. We have to be strong for those who are less strong. That's how we win.


There's sheep. Which is fine. Squads need sheep. But I don't spend my time on sheep, there's no payoff.

Colette [to Addy]