Matt Meets Claire - Daredevil
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Daredevil Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Claire: Are you going to listen to me this time?
Matt: Where am I?
Claire: You're in my apartment.
Matt: Who are you?
Claire: I'm the lucky girl who pulled you out of the garbage.
Matt: You've seen my face.
Claire: Yeah.
Matt: Great.
Claire: Your outfit kind of sucks, by the way.
Matt: Yeah, it's a work in progress.

Matt: There's someone in the building, a man, going from door to door.
Claire: How do you know that?
Matt: Shh. He's on the third floor already. Smells like Prima cigarettes and discount cologne.
Claire: You can smell a man on the third floor?
Matt: You'll smell him soon enough. He really likes that cologne.