Over and Over Again - Dark Matter
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Three wakes up in bed and walks out drunk and in his underclothes. Somehow, he knows everything that is going to happen, from Adrian dropping his tray of food to Two missing her gun holster and the Android's repair work on the FTL drive.

Eventually, he reveals to the crew that he's actually stuck in a time loop. They take him to the infirmary, but can't find anything wrong with him, and he can't convince them he's not pulling a prank or losing his mind.

Finally, Three settles on the Android teaching him French, while she's working on repairing the FTL drive. After numerous loops and much frustration, he actually successfully becomes fluent in French.

However, his newfound language skills aren't convincing... but his description of the FTL drive's problem (in French!) finally does the trick. Unfortunately, they are attacked by Ash, one of Ryo's mercenaries, who kills Three.

Three wakes up and repeats the process, only this time they set a trap for the mercenary, who turns out to be using phasing technology. Adrian whacks him with a large techno-box, which immediately resets the day, only now Adrian is part of the loop, too.

With Adrian backing Three up, they manage to quickly convince the crew, and this time they actually kill the mercenary.

The Android figures out the techno-box was the cause of the time loop. When she tests it, she's sent on an ominous journey through time and receives a dire warning from an aged Five.

When the Android returns to the present, she destroys the box, thus breaking the loop.

Three comes to accept Sarah's situation as a digital upload and visits with her in her computer realm.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Two: How did you know my holster was behind my nightstand?
Android: And how did you know it wasn’t a faulty relay switch?
Three: I knew because your holster is *always* behind your nightstand, and it’s *never* a faulty relay switch.

Solara: Are you *drunk*?!
Three: Nope!
Solara: ...Isn’t that one of Tabor’s bathrobes?
Three: Maybe…