Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 1 - Two and Nyx
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After the space station explodes after sabotage by Ryo Ishida in the Dark Matter Season 2 finale, the Raza crew is separated and each party must survive various challenges on their own.

Five and Commander Truffault manage to reach an escape pod and successfully make their way back to the Raza, only to come under attack by a Ferrous Corp ship.

Working together, they and the Android manage to defeat the attack and eliminate a boarding party, using the boarders' own shuttle as a weapon against the attacking ship.

Two and Six are trapped on a heavily-damaged Marauder. They repair communications and contact the Raza, but life support fails. Two shuts Six in the rear compartment and transfers most of the remaining oxygen to him.

Suffering hypoxia, Two has a vision of Nyx, who reminds her that Nyx's death wasn't her fault and says goodbye. They are rescued by the Raza.

Three and Lt. Anders crash land at an abandoned facility. Anders accidentally triggers an automated drone defense, and the two of them work together (to Anders's chagrin) and defeat the drone.

When GA reinforcements arrive, Anders not only lets Three go, he tells the Raza where to find him.

Now reunited, the crew debates what to do next, with the galaxy descending into an all-out corporate war. Two declares that they are going to steal back the blink drive and kill Ryo Ishida.

Meanwhile, Ryo frees an old tutor, much to the anger of Misaki, who doesn't trust the man.

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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Six [in the heavily-damaged Marauder]: Primary systems are inoperable.
Two: So are sensors and coms. Though I suppose it could be worse.
Six: Yeah, we could be having this conversation outside!

Five [insistent]: We’ll find them. I know we will. Everyone’s gonna be okay!
Android [sadly]: No, Five. I’m afraid that’s not true.