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Zairon soldiers round up clanmates of the would-be assassin who tried to kill Ryo. Hiding amongst them are the crew of the alternate reality Raza -- Portia Lin, Marcus Boone, Wexler, Tash, and the Android. They take over the ship and kill everyone else aboard.

Portia tricks Commander Truffaud into loading them up with a cargo of weapons to smuggle. The crew intends to keep the payment and sell the weapons themselves.

Truffaud, enraged at the double-cross, contacts the Prime Raza crew and demands an explanation. Two decides they will track down their doppelgangers and recover the weapons and money.

Using Adrian, they set up a meet, which is actually a trap. Only both sides are trying to out-think the other. Two and Solara capture Wexler. Portia captures Three, and Marcus impersonates him. They go back to the Raza, and Portia is captured by the Android, who is incapacitated by Boone.

Boone is then captured by Five, who confronts Tash on their stolen ship. Tash, rather than giving up the stolen weapons and a captured Three, threatens to destroy the Raza. Tash is then shot by the alt-Android, who did not want to risk Portia being killed.

They successfully complete the exchange, and the Raza returns the stolen cargo to Truffaud. Adrian decides that the life of adventure is not for him and leaves with Truffaud, taking Solara with him.

Portia visits Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp and proposes an alliance.

The Raza arrives at the planet where they left Six, only to discover that the whole population is apparently dead.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Adrian: What are we doing here?
Solara: Talking?
Adrian: No, on this ship, with the crew of the Raza? They’re the galaxy’s Most Wanted. Legends. And we’re useless.
Solara: Speak for yourself.
Adrian: Because of us, they almost got killed on the Traugott colony, got trapped in a time loop, got sent off on a wild goose chase--
Solara: Uh, again, I need to point out that was *all* you.

I’ve already killed you once. Please don’t ask me to do it again!

Two [aggravated]