A Suspicious Facility - Dark Matter
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Three has a strange, unnerving nightmare about a facility and a glowing wall of red goo before waking up on the Raza.

Following up on information from Victor, the crew decides to check out a Dwarf Star facility. Three has a very bad feeling about the expedition, but he's overruled.

Using Dr. Shaw's override codes on the security satellites, the crew goes down and discovers, to their shock, thousands of artificial humans like Two, all in stasis.

Before they can do anything, a ship from Mikkei arrives, sending down a detachment to investigate. The crew of the Raza decides to work with them to discover what's up. They discover the exact glowing red anomaly from Three's dream.

Three collapses, hearing voices and seizing, and the Mikkei doctor tranquilizes him after he starts babbling about how they can't stop "them." However, Three later wakes up and runs off, forcing both the Mikkei troops and his friends to search for him.

They discover that the red goo wall is actually an interdimensional portal, and Three is communicating with the same aliens who body-snatched him previously.

The aliens want to feed on this universe, having exhausted their own. They've already begun the infiltration, and all of the Mikkei soldiers are soon killed. After Six and Three retreat to the Marauder, Two and the Mikkei doctor are left behind.

The doctor orders a nuclear strike on their location and shoots himself in the head. Two, attempting to escape, is found and captured by alt-Boone, who takes her away on his own Marauder.

The nuclear strike destroys the facility.

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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

It’s my understanding that what people don’t know *can* hurt them. Quite severely.


Why do you even wanna come through, anyway? Grass is always greener on the other side of the interdimensional portal?